Online Spectra Viewer

What is this?
A little program that makes it easy to view and compare filters,
fluorescent proteins and dyes for biological applications.
It allows you to display up to 6 different spectra at the same time.
The database is frequently updated, and the functionality of the
program will be extended now and then.
See how it looks before you download it!

To run the application, you need the latest Java Runtime Environment.
It should be "Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 Update 3" or higher.
You can download it here, but make sure to take the right one!

Launch as application
Launch as applet
How to use the application:
- resize the window as you like
- click one of the text fields at the bottom to choose a spectrum
- rescale the wavelength axis by double-clicking it
- leave several windows for spectra selections open for easy navigation

Important: Please check the filter or dye at the company's website before you buy anything!
The intention of this viewer is to simplify comparison of different companies' data.
But sometimes data is updated or their filter spectra change, and I cannot constantly keep track.

I hope you like it!

The spectra used are from Andor, Atto-Tec, Chroma, Invitrogen, Omega and Semrock.